How to replace a Lexus IS 300 tail light assembly (or any of the lamps inside)

NOTE: This applies to the 2001 IS300 (recent commenters have told me it works on the 2002 and 2003 as well). Your milage may vary.

This turns out to be easier than it looks. You don't need to remove the trunk liner, which is a good thing since Lexus chose to make that very difficult to do.

1. Open the trunk and find the two round plastic plugs right next to the tail light assembly.

2. Pry each plug off gently using a small standard screwdriver.

3. Remove the two screws beneath with a medium Phillips screwdriver.

4. Put both hands around the tailight assembly and gently pull it away from the car body. A little side-to-side motion will help release the catches that help hold it in place.

5. Now you can see the headlight/brakelight, reverse, and turn signal lamps.

6. Each of the lamps releases with a simple turn to the left.

7. Pull out whichever lamp you want to replace and take it to your local auto parts store to get a new one.

8. Replace the tail light assembly in reverse order, and you're done.

9. Drop me an e-mail if this helped you out.

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